Sandy Sue Rector

ABOUT Sandy Sue

Sandy Sue Rector, whose name means "helper and defender of mankind," is on a mission to change people's lives by restoring balance in their homes and their hearts. As a premier International Feng Shui Master, Realtor, Ener'Chi? Therapist and Coach, and Professional Speaker, Sandy Sue offers the knowledge, tools, and practices necessary to manifest success, love, and lasting serenity.

Raised in the beautiful countryside of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, Sandy Sue discovered the harmony of Mother Nature's five precious elements: water, earth, metal, wood, and fire. Inspired by her intuitive gifts, Sandy Sue was naturally drawn to Feng Shui. Sandy Sue is formally certified as a master in the ways of Feng Shui including Black Hat, Compass Readings, Form, Flying Star, and Eight Mansions. She is also a practicing Resonance Repatterning Energy Therapist, providing clients with the opportunity to experience harmony both inside and out. Along with her many certifications, Sandy Sue has continued to enrich her expertise in the healing arts as a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, and Yoga Instructor. She also successfully completed certification for Feng Shui Real Estate Professionals in 2005 and works at Ying Yang Real Estate alongside her husband. Her experiences and training are the foundation of her brand Ener'Chi?, through which she shares her ideologies of energy and life balance.

Sandy Sue teaches the principles of Feng Shui Ener'Chi' and Resonance Repatterning to clients throughout the country through personalized sessions, group teleseminars, speaking engagements, and exclusive appearances. She has been featured on Good Morning AZ Channel 3, AZTV Morning Scramble with Pat McMahon, ABC15, Room 101 BBC, Michelle Corr 6 Radio, and EnLightenment Home Decor Magazine, offering Feng Shui tips for the home and for life.

With every product she develops, service she provides, and person she inspires, Sandy Sue lives every day to share her most precious gifts to help people experience the magic, charm, and wonderful possibilities that are in harmony with a truly balanced life.

She also enjoys working as a Realtor with her husband Rick Rector at Ying Yang Real Estate Combining their expertise, Sandy Sue and Rick help people to buy or sell homes and businesses and educate them on how Feng Shui design and techniques can either energize or deplete their environments. Sandy Sue listens to clients' wants and needs so she can successfully find the best home or business location and create their most beneficial environment.


Sandy Sue and Rick Rector

What a dynamic duo Rick and Sandy Sue are!

Rick has all the makings of an excellent real estate agent: His friendly Gemini ascendant makes you feel at ease from the time you meet him. Mercury in Libra allows Rick to really listen to your desires and negotiate the best deal for you. Rick's Sun (personality), Venus (beauty and love), Uranus (independence) and Pluto (transformation) are all in the sign of Virgo residing in his Fourth house of Home Life! This combination ensures that Rick will use his detail oriented perfectionism to find you the most beautiful home that reflects your unique style!

Sandy Sue has Feng Shui Master written all over her Astrology Chart! She has outgoing Sagittarius ruling her Ascendant: her enthusiasm for life is contagious. This woman is just fun to be around! Her Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio allowing her to analyze a home or room and communicate her findings in a clear and direct manner. Neptune and Venus in Scorpio give her the ability to create sacred and beautiful surroundings. Her tenth house of Career is ruled by Virgo and houses Mars, Uranus and Pluto. This conjunction allows her the insight to make quick changes that lead to positive transformation. Having Saturn in her fourth house of Home Life gives her the desire to help you create a safe and peaceful space.

You can totally trust Sandy Sue to come into your home or business and change it in a positive way - almost instantly! A few months ago, I asked Sandy Sue for some simple ideas to increase my business. I thought she was a bit "loopy de loo" when she sold me a gold statue of a frog and told me the location to place it. But, I was amazed that within two days I had an article written about me in the Phoenix Business Journal which led to a TV interview on ABC! The phones have not stopped ringing since!

After reviewing both their charts, I know these are people I want to work with. I am so impressed with their ethics, quality of work and philosophy that I have chosen to offer my skills as an Astrologer to their business. Astrology can guide you in auspicious timing in the purchase of your home or business.

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you make in your life. Utilizing the unique talents and expertise of Rick, Sandy Sue and I will assist you in finding the perfect space fro your body, mind and soul! Why not have as much luck on your side as you can! Just imagine what a gold frog can do for you!

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