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Need an assessment of the "energy" in your home or business? Sandy Sue can advise you on how to enhance your energy and achieve your goals as she looks at your property through Feng Shui eyes. Your environment is either supporting you or it is depleting you of the vital life force called Chi.

Customized Client Approach

When Sandy Sue recommends cures for a home or office, she considers the goals of each client and uses good common sense. She avoids recommending anything that you would find unattractive or unacceptable. Rather, suggesting practical, appropriate, and workable cures that are based on solid Feng Shui Principles and blend with the way you live. She recommends several practical solutions that are appealing to you and fit your decor and your budget. Many recommendations are things you already have in your home that simply need to be placed in the correct area for maximum benefits. Customizing Feng Shui to fit your needs and lift your Chi!

Home Consultations

When should you consider having a Feng Shui home consultation?

After a major life change, such as divorce, a death or a birthday milestone.

At the Chinese New Year.

If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your home or doing some kind of major landscaping project.

If you are not meeting the level of success and personal happiness you desire.

If you are planning to build a new home or renovate a current one.

If you feel like you are in a rut with your life.

When you are buying a new home.

When you get married or move in with a roommate or partner.

When you have a baby.

When you have experienced a sudden change in fortunes, such as job and financial loss or relationship difficulty.

If you live in Arizona, Sandy Sue will visit your home and conduct a Feng Shui consultation in person. You will receive a complete analysis of your home and all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. Remedies and enhancements will be recommended to improve the quality of your life. One's home is critical with respect to Feng Shui. Creating a balanced home environment is the basis for balance in all areas of life. Sandy Sue will help you best position your beds, desks, stoves, rooms, baths, swimming pools, and fireplaces.

What to expect during the consultations:

  • First, you will give Sandy Sue a tour of your home to orient her to where things are and what energies you feel are out of balance.
  • Then, you will sit down, together, to discuss your goals from the intake form you filled out prior to the appointment.
  • Next, a room-by-room tour talking about what changes need to be made while you take notes.

Business Consultations

A Feng Shui consultation can help improve and energize your business. Strong employee morale, good office relationships, successful corporate leaders, and supportive environments can be created with Sandy Sue's help.

If your business is located in Arizona, Sandy Sue will visit your business and appraise your space in person.

Sandy Sue has assisted many businesses and they all have their unique features: what enhancements and remedies you incorporate with a spa business is different than with a retail store. And what you need for a doctor's office is different than an advertising company.

For more than 10 years, Sandy Sue has specialized in helping businesses transform their spaces so that they resonate with success, increased prosperity, and harmonious business relationships. She'll guide you and give you suggestions on arrangement and layout. Artwork, colors, lighting, and furnishings will all be addressed.

When should you have a Feng Shui consultation for your office?

  • If you want to improve your business, sales, or profits
  • If you have had a major setback or sudden loss
  • If you are not progressing as well as you should
  • If your business is not growing
  • If there are problems with employee productivity or relationships with customers
  • If sales have dropped
  • If you are considering moving to a new office or making renovations to your current office
  • If there is a problem with corporate leadership
  • If you want to create a more positive, harmonious, and effective environment

“Something is working! Our restaurant business slowed down, so we decided to have a Feng Shui consultation for both locations a little over a week ago. We are happy to report that we had the best Sunday we have had in over three years at the T-Bird store. We have focused on that store the most trying to get things done there and then will move over to the Northern store. Thank you again so much.”

Phenicia & Jack Ashfield
6030 West Thunderbird Rd.
9370 West Northern Avenue

“I had been receiving Sandy Sue's email newsletters for over a year and thought that I really needed to call her and set up an appointment but kept putting it off. I went to see a physic and was told that the energy in the location that I had my business was not working well and should consider having a Feng Shui evaluation. I called Sandy Sue that day and set up an appointment. Feng Shui with Sandy Sue has totally changed my life. I am so grateful to Sandy Sue and her insight to my situation. The Feng Shui consultations she provided in both my business and my home really changed the energy of my life and where it was going. I was working toward my business in a way that was not getting me to where I wanted to be. After the Feng Shui changes I made at both my business and home, my business was soaring within 3 months and I am now living my dream. I am so thankful to Sandy Sue and Feng Shui.”

Debra Manning RN LAc
National Board Certified in Acupuncture
Medical Aesthetics Nurse

Out of State Consultations

Sandy Sue is also available to visit you in your home if you live out of state. She travels frequently to visit her clients all over the country. Contact her if you would like more information.

Consultations by Phone and Skype:

With the conveniences of modern technology, it is easy to have a consultation with Sandy Sue if you are not able to conduct a consultation in person. Our conversation is recorded, so you can refer back to it. (Chances are, you will hear something new each time!)

Here is what you will need to provide me with prior to our consultation:

  • A completed Feng Shui Intake form, which includes your address, and all phone numbers and birthdates of the occupants of the property
  • A detailed floor plan, showing all doors and windows
  • Photos of the property - of each room, from the doorway or entrance looking into each room, the front and back of the exterior of the property, and the houses or businesses across the street
  • The year of construction and the dates of any renovations (new carpet, new decorating, new addition, etc.)
  • A compass degree reading (I can help you with this!)
  • Information of any unusual architectural elements (slanted ceilings, exposed beams, etc.)

Buying or Selling the Perfect Home or Business

Looking for a new place to live or a new business location can be very stressful. You have many concerns during that process, and you want to make sure you find a harmonious place with good Feng Shui.

Sandy Sue can help you narrow your search and quickly analyze a property for local and long distance clients. For local clients, Sandy Sue visits the property to get a complete perspective. For long distance clients, Sandy Sue is provided with a floor plan and/or virtual tours. Sandy Sue also enjoys helping you with the home's design phase, by selecting and placing important rooms where they will be most beneficial and auspicious with your particular goals in mind.

She's involved in escrows on a regular basis, working beside her husband Rick Rector and other real estate agents, to provide additional services for their clients. If you are looking for a real estate agent to support you during this process – let Sandy Sue assist you with this as well. Visit her at for more information this dynamic duo.

“Sandy Sue and Rick sold my home and my business in record time. They sold my house with in 28 days in a market that was taking over 90 days to sell. Sandy Sue came into my spa business on a Friday night to Feng Shui it to sell and that following Monday I had a cash buyer! The deal closed that week. This team and there expertise works, if you are looking for results they are the ones. I encourage anyone and everyone to use there services!”

Heidi Alexander PHM, CMT
Founder of the Puran Health Method

“Sandy Sue helped me dodge a major bullet with her clear and compassionate advice. I was determined to buy a house that had a lovely deck, an unimpeded view of the river, a new kitchen, but most of the bedrooms were dark and small, there was no good place for my office, and the basement was cold and unfinished. But the deal breaker was the lot – the back right corner was lopped off, and the owners had filled it with rotting wood, broken appliances, and junk. That corner was the relationship corner! Within 2 weeks, I had found the home I had been visualizing, and fell it love with it. And Sandy Sue has advised me that the feng shui is very auspicious, and it certainly feels that way to me! Thank you, Sandy Sue!”

Judith, Pleasant Valley, IA

Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Sandy Sue is always receptive to expanding her opportunities for speaking and teaching. Schools, clubs, companies, corporations, and private parties are invited to contact her for the speaking dates you have in mind. Previous speaking engagements have included: UCW Annual Women's Leader Conference, Arizona State University Lunch & Learn, ABWA – Paradise Chapter, Maricopa County Home and Garden Show, and Living in Tune radio with Chloe Wordsworth and KTAR.

“I would like to thank you for the fantastic Feng Shui presentation you presented again for the employees at ASU. We have received very positive feedback. I really appreciate all your time and dedication. It was a pleasure seeing you again.”

Liz Badalamenti, RN
ASU Employee Wellness Program


Thank you in advance for your referrals and continued trust!