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I attended a Money Magnet seminar and admit to being a bit skeptical. But within that hour I was hooked! We invited Sandy Sue to do a Feng Shui session in our home. The results were tangible and almost immediate. Within two days of revamping the "children" area, our son called to say he got an on-campus job. He had been struggling to find work for three years!

One of the best parts about Feng Shui is that you can make changes over time, set your intentions and notice results. Many of the changes we made were simple - and involved moving things to different locations within the house. Our home now feels more complete, peaceful and serene. Not only am I no longer a skeptic, I plan to become a student of Feng Shui. Thank you, Sandy Sue!

Julie - Cave Creek, Arizona

My feng shui consultation with Sandy Sue was a great experience. Sandy Sue is very knowledgeable, positive and fun! I was excited and a little hesitant for the session - not knowing what to expect. Sandy Sue immediately put me at ease and we have a great time. The session was very informative, and I could wait to start implementing the changes she suggested! In fact, I didn't wait, and Sandy Sue even helped move around furniture with me! I had been struggling with feeling stuck and certain areas, and the session really helped to unblock many areas. Shortly after I applied Sandy Sue's recommendations, my love life improved - and I'm having lots of fun. Thanks again Sandy Sue!!! I absolutely recommend Sandy Sue!

Heather (Phoenix)

"I am deeply impressed with Sandy-Sue's knowledge of Feng Shui, her wisdom, the time she took to understand my personal, professional and spiritual needs, and how she applied this to the Feng Shui of my apartment. Her recommendations have transformed my home and I am definitely feeling many positive results. Before my Feng Shui consult with Sandy-Sue I felt I was on a treadmill and slightly overwhelmed by all I had to do.

Now I feel in 'command' (yes, desk position changed!): I take the time to do what needs to be done and complete it with greater ease; money reserves are also much more stable. For many years I have simply not taken the time to have plants. Now my home and patios are filled with plants -- a great joy, and beautiful too! I could go on and on! Thank you Sandy-Sue, you are up there with the best!"

~ Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Author of Quantum Change Made Easy, Founder and Developer of the Resonance Repatterning® system and Institute, Host of Living in Tune -- Turn Your Problems into Joy -- Web radio show with Modavox America/7thWave network...

"Thank you so much, Sandy Sue, for the session. I made the easy, radical changes straightaway (like shifting my bed to the other room) and I'll get to the nit-picky clearing clutter when the gorgeous Phoenix spring weather has turned into hot summer! Meanwhile, I am fascinated to see all kinds of things falling into place in my life that have been in the thinking / planning stage for a long time. Some of them involve me going into action, which I am, effortlessly and enjoyably; other things are just falling into my lap without any activity on my part. I began to see just today that all these changes are linked to your session - the common thread in all of them is a sense that the underlying energy that was blocked before is now flowing much better. My house gives me even more pleasure than before. It is full of light from wide open windows; fears of being Seen and Heard make me smile - it's all feeling very good. Thank you so much for the cheerfulness, warmth and confidence you bring along with your fantastic grasp of Feng Shui and your generosity and compassion. I'm looking forward to showing you the transformation to date, and to working more with you on improving the flow!"

~Anthea Guinness (Sun City, AZ)

" I would love to share my testimony - To let others know when you are willing to be open to Feng Shui for a way to make some positive changes in your life. All it takes is an open heart and a little discipline and focus to create the recommended Feng Shui changes and those positive events begin to happen in your life almost immediately. A perfect example is when we cut down the thorny bushes in (our helpful people) our front yard and put some colorful flowers and rocks making a lovely rock garden for all to enjoy. Already our neighbors seem so much friendlier. Within one day of putting in the beautiful flowers several neighbors when seeing me outside came over just to talk. My next door neighbor even offered to help me in the care of my 87 year old mother by being on call when I need to leave her home alone to run short errands."

~Saudra Pustetta (Scottsdale, AZ)

"Sandy Sue's recommendations were spot on. She worked with me to create more flow and ease within my space. She was so supportive and detail-oriented. At first, I thought, can I possibly do all that she suggested? From moving an antique jug to my earth corner (easy) to replanting flowers in pink and red (a bit harder) to finding more images of couples and placing them in my bedroom that needs to now be more purple (more challenging). However, I trusted Sandy's guidance and slowly checked off my new To Do list. A few weeks have gone by and my home and life are better. I feel more calm, rested and connected to myself. My friends and family have also commented - and some did not even know I had worked with Sandy Sue. I am blessed that I have found such a competent person to help me with my goals. Thank you. Now, back to my deck to dig up some cactuses that are in my relationship corner (a big no-no)."

~Meghan (The Bay Area, CA)

"I just want to quickly share a few manifestations since our Feng Shui session. I have made some changes and am scheduling something to do on a daily basis. I am moving forward into a better personal relationship which I am much happier with. Unexpected funds are now available to me. (I had lost hope of getting these funds after months of no response.) A nagging legal matter has been resolved in my favor. Thank you Sandy Sue!"

Doina Marie

"I've been making lots of changes since our phone consultation last month. I have nearly completed the changes we talked about, and some things are starting to happen. Rita has found a way to accelerate my mortgage, paying it off quicker, I liquidated some money that wasn't doing anything, and got it working again. Also I have found some extra hours in the week to take on some more clients, which will boost that income. My kids are also taking an interest in money, which makes me very happy. My husband is also bringing in more money, and getting some time off at the same time. Things are very good, and I will continue to update you, especially if anything comes up that you might like to put in your book."

Julie Wiebe

"Dear Sandy Sue,
I wanted to share my success story with you and your readers. After you came to my home for my consultation. I did all the remedies you suggested in my Relationship corner of my home. Since then I have been on several dates and now I have found a man that I am CRAZY about and he is Crazy about me. ~Thank you!"

Martha (Phoenix, AZ)

"I invited Sandy Sue to work on the feng shui of my home specifically for increasing the support and helpful people in my professional life. I started implementing the suggested changes 6 days ago, and started noticing a few remarkable happenings. The purchases I made last week for feng shui were all at unexpected places and at unbelievably low prices. Very unexpectedly, yesterday a new business friend who sent me a package of informational material decided not to charge me for my share. This morning, a very good friend called to say she is gifting me with a healing session. At this point, I might have implemented only half of Sandy Sue's suggestions, and I can truly say the results are instant and life affirming. I can hardly wait to complete the project to see what other blessings and helpful people come my way!"

~Rita Mak (Scottsdale, AZ)

"The energy in my home has definitely shifted within four days. Thursday evening I went to the Feng Shui Party to learn how to be a MONEY MAGNET. Friday I did all the recommendations for my home and Sunday we went to the Casino for my husband birthday and I won over $900 from just $20 I put in the Jungle Wild 2 cent slot machine. I told my friends and they want me to have a Feng Shui Party now. I believe only good things will happen from now on."

~ Crystal (Mesa, AZ)

"I am writing you with great news. My boyfriend proposed! I attended your Magnetizing Your Love workshop at the beginning of September this year. You shared many Feng Shui techniques on how to attract/improve your relationships. I immediately went home and cleared away any clutter from my "love" corner which happened to be a walk-in closet. I also added pairs of things in strategic areas.

Sure enough 3 weeks later my boyfriend took me on a road trip to California. We made our way from LA to San Diego where he proposed on Mission Beach while the sun was setting ever so slowly below the horizon. After the proposal I had a Resonance Repatterning session with you which also helped calm some anxiety I had in starting a new chapter in my life.

Now, I am more excited than ever! What a great return for taking a great workshop. You bet I plan on taking more! ~Thank you"

~Amanda (Tempe, AZ)

"Exactly one week after you had been here and MANY corrections had been made (especially to the wealth area), I was on the phone with a good friend. She began telling me about an investment program she had been in since February and wanted my permission to introduce it to our son and daughter-in-law. I expressed interest and she explained it to me. The result of our 3-hour conversation was that we have now invested in this opportunity and are realizing great results. Both my husband and I felt very positive vibes from this and are comfortable with our decision.

Also, our travel had been strictly limited as we have cats who require someone to stay overnight. (The travel area was sadly lacking support.) After corrections to the travel area, we now have not one but TWO trips planned. One is to the mountains of north Georgia and the other is a healing vacation in Hawaii. The difficulty of finding a pet sitter was alleviated yesterday at our vets office when I asked if anyone knew of someone reliable. One of the technicians that we know volunteered. This is what she does as an "extra." How providential to have a cat there for shots and ask the right question! I'm a total believer in feng shui and the importance of balance in every area of our lives. Ron and I offer a heartfelt "thank you" for your expertise in recommending the positive changes that are already blessing our lives."

~Karen (Phoenix, AZ)

"When I first spoke with Sandy Sue on the phone I felt that she was the person I'd like to work with. Then when I met her I was thrilled!! We had a great time working together and I'm so pleased with her suggestions for my home. Thank you Sandy Sue."

Paulette Bodeman, E-RYT 500
Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

"We had no idea how significant Feng Shui could be! The Balance and flow that Sandy Sue has created for us through her Feng Shui consultation gave us confidence that the house we wished to buy would bring positive flow in our lives. We feel peaceful as we walk into the house during remodel, knowing that elements are feeding us. My harp students have doubled, and we haven't even moved in yet!"

Thank you, Sandy Sue!
Christine Magnussen,

"My daughter continues to improve. The yellow flowers were an immediate positive felt sense. I couldn't believe it. Now, my daughter painted her room 2 weeks ago. In the fall she had wanted at least one wall black with bright paint spots splattered on it. We said no to a Black wall. So 4 weeks ago she decided to paint all the walls a pastel yellow with lots of bright colors and yes, black splats all over. It looks really cool...chaotic but cool and she loves it. I love that she chose yellow and now she has lots of Fire colors all over. She has her moments but is really doing much better overall and I am so grateful for your suggestions! Thank you so much."


"Sandy Sue is amazing! I know a little about Feng Shui and have read several books. I wanted to Feng Shui my home and tried to use one of my books - even spending about 6 hours drawing up the floor plan. And then I just gave up in frustration. A friend of mine recommended Sandy Sue. She came over and in 2 hours did what I never could have done on my own. She started with my yard saying "if you take care of the land, it will take care of you." Now my front yard feels incredible and is so gorgeous, I just want to hang out there. She then covered every room in my house. I took a ton of notes and then Sandy Sue helped me to prioritize my projects. She is incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with. Even with just a few shifts in my bedroom, I slept better then ever before. And not only do I have more energy, my home looks so much better and I am truly enjoying the space I live in much more. Thank you so much, Sandy Sue!"

-Jordan Kirk ,Yoga Teacher

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