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Magic Fire Wheel

$68  FREE S&H, tax included

magic fire wheel

Double Happiness

$86 FREE S&H, tax included

double happiness

Wu Lu Brass

$62 FREE S&H, tax included

wu lu brass

Victory Banner

$40 FREE S&H, tax included

victory banner

9 Ring Sword

$42 FREE S&H, tax included

9 ring sword

5 Element Pagoda

$42 FREE S&H, tax included

5 element pagoda

8 Symbol 

$48 Free S&H, tax included

8 symbol

6 Smooth Blessing Coins

$36 FREE S&H, tax included

blessing coins

Pi Yao

$54 FREE S&H, tax included

Pi Yao

Anti-Burglary Plaque

$88 FREE S&H, tax included

Anti-Burglary Plaque


Ener'Chi Balancers

Ener'CHI Balancers

Rainbows from Heaven

RAISE the vibrational frequencies of the  CHI and BALANCE the SHA CHI in your personal space.

Manifest your DREAMS into REALITY!

The ener'Chi of the Manifestation Kit in combination with the ener'Chi of the Year of the Water Dragon is the perfect marriage. Together they will make it a Magical Year for YOU!!!

I am so excited to share a page from the booklet of my "Ener'Chi Balancers" Feng Shui Manifestation Kit.  I believe we are co-creators and my desire is to help you Manifest Your Dreams into Reality!!

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Interactive Booklet

They are rainbow colors of high vibrational frequencies from heaven. 
The 9 different colored coordinated CHI BAGS are infused with high vibrational frequencies designed to lift the Chi in your home, which will help you Manifest your Dreams into Reality. We work on the five different realms of energy. 
1st Material Realm
2nd Sound Realm
3rd Light Realm
4th Intention Realm
5th Prayer / Meditation Realm


~ Balances the yin/yang in your personal space
~ Raise the vibrations in your personal space
~ Experience a higher vibrational state of wellbeing
~ Experience living in the present moment
~ Counter-balances depleting Sha Chi that drains your energy
~ Brings love and light into your space
~ Creates wellness of love, harmony and peace
~ A purposeful gift for yourself and to gift to others


  • 9 Chi Gua Bags filled with Manifestation Salt
  • Ener'CHI Map with guided instructions
  • Ba-gua map
  • Gua Section Cards
  • Intention Cards
  • Healing Stone for each Gua
  • Manifestation Statements
  • Love Hearts Charm for Relationship Gua
  • Money Coin Charm for Prosperity Gua
  • Red Envelop
  • De-cluttering tips 

 $48 + S&H $12

“I highly recommend Sandy Sue’s Feng Shui Ener’CHI Balancers. I have used the principles of Feng Shui in combination with Resonance Repatterning for quite some time, with Sandy Sue’s insights and recommendations frequently being an important part of the equation. Once again, the results have been phenomenal. The first time I placed the balancing salts, aromas, colors and shapes, along with intention statements in every Feng Shui area of my home, we had answers and turning points within 24 hours! My husband had a major break-through with a challenging job situation and I experienced peace and progress regarding a physical health issue. Now, several months later, we have continued to use the Feng Shui Balancer kit with great outcomes.” -Jyoti Ironwood

“Just by placing each bag in the proper gua, it felt like I was in for creating a foundation for positive change. As I engaged in the process of putting the salt in each corner and creating my intentions, it felt like I telling the Universe who and what I wanted to become and experience. I took 2 hours to complete the entire process and made one change or improvement to each qua. I could immediately feel the difference in my body and mind. It felt like I was creating a foundation for the next year of my life.” -Victoria Benoit 

"It took me a full day to work on my statements to be sure they reflected what I wanted. It was a very sacred time for me and I wish to say thank you to you for this. This has been the nicest part of the Feng Shui experience for me so far anyway. You truly have brought through a wonderful gift for your clients by offering this to them. It definitely allows us to bring in the spiritual aspect of the Feng Shui."
Grace G.
Psychic Healer

Dear Sandy Sue,
I knew my Manifestation Kit was powerful when I bought it because it gave me the chills when I touched the box…but I hadn’t had a chance to use it. I finally took it home Friday but didn’t open it, just browsed the pamphlet of instructions. That evening we went to the casino, and I had great luck, winning on video poker and twice on bingo!! Then on Sunday, I opened the kit, laid out the bagua map and placed each bag on the map. I didn’t have time to do anything else that day. We decided to go to the casino again and needed about $1200 to pay a bill that popped up before our paychecks would clear…guess how much I came home with? Yup, $1200!! Imagine what will happen once I complete the kit!! PS: I need two more kits so I can gift my children as well!!
Tempe, AZ

Interactive Booklet

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